Beta Test


(Surrealism)2, photography by Laanscapes

Henry blinked as a newly created sun sparked off between the freshly formed clouds on the horizon, his eyes trying in vain to focus on the paths of transparent hexagons as they melted away. In their wake a new reality shifted, fluid like in front of him. Trees warped in an imaginary breeze, leaves drifting down from their branches only to rise again. Grass dyed itself an appropriate shade of deep emerald green, waving on either side of him as it decided how high it should grow.

“Looking good in there?”

Henry snorted, watching the road in front of him try desperately to level itself out. “Uh, yeah that’d be a negative. Place looks like a fuckin’ Van Gogh.”

There was an echoing curse cut off by the sound of frustrated clicking. “Okay, okay gimme a minute.”

Henry rolled his shoulders, lifting a foot to take a step and quickly regretting it. The tarmac shifted under his feet, white lines bleeding out like spilled paint before snapping back. His shoes seemed to blend into them as he righted himself, throwing out his arms to get his balance. “Sure man, take your time. Not like we promised the developers this thing would be ready yesterday or anything.”

“Fuck you. And you know this is all Hannah’s fault, she’s the one who insisted on a goddamn dynamic skyline. I mean, who the fuck cares about a few fluffy clouds anyway? It’s only gonna have a damned menu coded over it. Action should be on the ground, that’s where people really pay attention.”

“It’s atmospheric,” Henry mimicked in a high-pitched voice, laughing. “But speaking of ground, could you maybe, I dunno, get this one to stop moving?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

There was a low, thundering sort of sound and then the world righted itself, trees and road and grass all shimmering with small white specks of light before settling. Henry took a breath and walked a few steps along a road that lead to nowhere, under a sky that didn’t really exist.

“Now that,” he said with a smile, “Is one pretty ass menu screen.”

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