The Builders

100 word challenges make for a nice change of pace sometimes. They’re a great way to break you out of a block too! Follow the folks over at The Drabble for lots of awesome flash fiction posted daily.

tubesBy Ada Redmond

They took the heart out of the world and encased it in metal. Rows of silent statues turning all about. Screws and wires and plating dancing under dimmed neon.

You can’t hear anything above the floor, but he pretends that they yawn and mumble as they stretch. That they wake up and look around and wonder where they are.

Eyes glow a brief bright blue and then they’re put away. Packed into tubes and carried up and out to be sent on their impossible missions.

They’re scouts and slaves and saviors. He thinks they’ll be the last of us.

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Beta Test


(Surrealism)2, photography by Laanscapes

Henry blinked as a newly created sun sparked off between the freshly formed clouds on the horizon, his eyes trying in vain to focus on the paths of transparent hexagons as they melted away. In their wake a new reality shifted, fluid like in front of him. Trees warped in an imaginary breeze, leaves drifting down from their branches only to rise again. Grass dyed itself an appropriate shade of deep emerald green, waving on either side of him as it decided how high it should grow. Continue reading

Bloggers, Assemble! (A Blogosphere Experiment)

If tea is allowed then whatever it is the mysterious blogger wants can’t be at all uncivilised. (Logic is important in decision making).