The Shadow Biosphere

Sixty Seconds by ph0enix

Sixty Seconds by ph0enix

Now in the dusty places where the sun rarely strays and the people hasten to walk by is where you’ll find them, my little hunter. They’ll spin and circle, lazy and unvexed by your presence at first. But don’t mistake this disinterest for invitation, for they will swallow you whole and all memory of you as well.  

Their realm is haze and clouded and so they brave the cracks in the world to enter ours. They do not survive here for long, but with every one of them that passes over, they grow stronger. Our bright dimension grows accustomed to this and if we do not defeat them at each crossing they will overwhelm us in the end.

We are pest control in a sense and this mission you must hold fast to, even if I disappear from your thoughts one day. You must remember this purpose I have set you to. Do not let you mind stray to family and friends and work and life, for there will be none of these things should we fail.

There is only one way to fight them, to send them back and beyond – it is this. A small thing it seems I know, but it has served those I have forgotten and will serve you just as well. Its power is a beacon, attracting and confusing. Their guard will drop long enough for you to close the tear in our damaged sphere. It is all we have, little hunter, least all else will be lost to time as well.


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2 thoughts on “The Shadow Biosphere

  1. This is good stuff. I like the stuff of between. Always makes me want to know what is going on further beyond what we see on the page. Is this a piece of a larger idea or just a standalone thought?



    • Thanks for taking the time to comment! To be honest, I write this stuff under Occasional Whimsy because I tend to get too many stories in my head to work on one clearly, so doing flash fiction helps clear some space. Any of them have the potential to be longer (I like to think so anyway).

      This one I’m really fond of already, I’d love to expand on it at some point. The idea of these interdimensional pest controllers risking not only death, but being erased from history and not even in ‘battle’ as such is really interesting. Maybe after Camp NaNo. :)


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