Camp NaNo: or Am I Supposed to Feel Like I’m Trapped in Quicksand?

Reality is Virtual by MoonlitxReverie

Conceptual Photography, Reality is Virtual by MoonlitxReverie.

Because I absolutely do at this point and I have no idea whether or not to struggle and pull myself out or continue to sink. My story seems to have come to that ‘no going back’ point and the plot is pretty much set in my mind now.

I’m a hermit by nature and talking to people is not how I tend to go about information gathering, preferring books and the internet to forcing myself into interactions. Luckily for me my co-workers are a curious group of people and they ask about what I’m scribbling in my notebook at break. It was this way I managed to get a good source of information through a friend of a friend.

As I mentioned before my story begins with a rather gruesome crash, one that will continue to be a focus all the way through the narrative. I wanted to make it as real and vivid as I could and although I work in the health profession, I’m not a paramedic. But thanks to a friend at work I got a little interview with one, which has given me lots of inspiration for my first chapter.

I’m still not bored of this concept, which was always a worry and, I think, my downfall from completing novel length works before. Once I’d completed the story in my head, it was difficult not to simply think up a new one, instead of writing it down for someone else.

I think my success in this instance has a lot to do with the fact that because my main character has to travel through the memories of other people, there is more than a single world to focus on. Every patient’s Virtual Reality Suite is vastly different from the ‘real world’ in my story and so even if I’m not in the mood to write one of them, I can switch over and continue a different one.

My word count is still behind, but I’m getting there. Thankfully I have another 3 days off work to play around and catch up! How’s it going with everyone else?

4 thoughts on “Camp NaNo: or Am I Supposed to Feel Like I’m Trapped in Quicksand?

  1. This has been a muddling one for me too. Like you, I have a good story but moving through it has felt like wading through mud. I’ve decided just to keep going (I’m way too stubborn to quit anyway), and hope that when I revisit it later its a work of art.


    • As long as you have fabulous wellies on you’re good to go! Being stubborn helps so much in this business I reckon. :) And that’s what people keep reminding me NaNo is all about right? Get that story written then go back and craft it later. We can do it!


  2. I’m super behind, but took nearly a week off. Not planned, mind you. Just kind of happened. I just adjusted my word count goal from 50k to 35k and kept trucking. I’ll finish the thing, or I won’t. Writing is writing, and I’ve come to recognize that the CampNaNo’s are not always successful for me!

    But yes. It does kind of feel like quicksand, sometimes. Or crossing an Event Horizon, if you’re lucky.


    • I know how you feel sometimes life just sort of gets in the way. I work 37 – 45hrs a week and shift work tends to make your body clock all sorts of confused. I’m only catching up now because I’ve got 3 days off. Lowering the word count is a great option to have and I might end up doing the same next week.

      I think it’s a success as long as you have words, no matter how many! You keep on trucking, I’m right there with you. :D


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