Future Fantastical Adventures of a Nomadic Hermit

This is a chapter in my life that hasn’t been written just yet, but gosh am I looking forward to it. Followers of my blog will have probably caught on to the fact I’m not very happy with my current career path and that I intend to change it. I’ve discovered it takes a lot of guts to leave a place you’ve been for so long, to break away from something you know and feel comfortable in even if you don’t necessarily enjoy it anymore. Motivation helps. In January 2014 I fully intend to hand in my notice and spend the money I’ve been saving on traveling Europe, in the hopes that when I run out of cash I’ll have figured out what it is I want to do afterwards. Risky? Yeah, a little I suppose but knowing there’s an end in sight is the only thing that keeps me going to work at all nowadays. Continue reading



The Stronghold, by ethicallychallenged.

Clusters are collections,
A thousand worlds beneath the Stars.
These Worlds share connections,
Waypoints mark each one.
And at these points a Stronghold stands,
With a Torch that never needs tending,
And never goes out.

Strongholds are supposed to look like castles from the old world, safe havens for the Travellers that find themselves in a new place. Not where they once were and in need of explanation, the markings in the stone tell the story of how we’re all connected.

But as the ages came and went, on each of the worlds within all of the clusters, the lights began to flicker, and to fade. Continue reading