Bragging Rights

Screenshot via Star Citizen

Screenshot via Star Citizen

“Okay, listen up,” says a voice in your ear. “As of thirty seconds ago you are the last remaining Bouncer pilot in this system. Reroute on vector 4.96 and await further instructions.” Continue reading

Breathing Life into Spaceships

Personification is a very human habit. As social creatures our brains are trained to think emphatically. We like to believe we know roughly how other people are feeling because it helps us understand them better. This way of thinking goes beyond other people for many of us; we extend this empathy to inanimate objects as well. Children hold their toys the same careful way adults hold their mobile phones. These objects belong to us, we have put a little piece of ourselves into them, given them a name, told them our secrets and in return for keeping those things safe – we take care of them. We make sure they are covered up when we sleep next to them at night, we protect them with colourful cases that further reflect our personalities. Continue reading

I Dream of Spaceships

ScienceFictionStories1We all have that friend (or perhaps, we are that friend) that laments being born in the wrong century. They ache for the simplicity of the past, for the castles and the royals who kept them, for the revolutions, for the art, the blues, the poetry and the uncertainty. “I was born too late,” they say, describing their passion for their chosen history, “I missed out on what I love”.

Me? I was born too early. Continue reading