The Past

Concept Art by Ehsan Dabbaghi

Concept Art by Ehsan Dabbaghi

It was only one word. The smallest of inquiries. Just a question.

But it changed us forever.

And as I stand here now I wonder how we’ll be remembered. Will we be the incredible inventors, the generation that thought to pave the way for a new golden age of industry? Will they call us saviours or saboteurs? Perhaps, in the end, history will simply regard us as victims of our own ego, steadily marching toward our first great decimation. Continue reading

Taking Aim

SILLY ROBOT GIRL SEEKS LIKEMINDED PEEPS for sporadic adventures into literary lunacy.

Respondents must be curious, bookish types seeking intermittent journeys into fantastical lands of fiction.

Preferred applicants should be courageous, open minded and possess a basic ability to suspend their disbelief (especially when the author insists the tin robots on her desk occasionally help out with the narrative).

Contact using the comments section below.



Walk With Me My Friend, by abrider3.

The Mark of a Great Invention


There was something so beautiful about the way metal would twist and bend, giving up the hold on its old form to reshape the very nature of itself. The way it boiled and bubbled and slid into molds, shifting and changing until finally it reemerged, fresh and full of new purpose.

Assuming its been given the right amount of heat and direction, of course. Continue reading

The Robots are Coming

I hope we can all get along... (Get Lost You Stinking Robot by melora)

I hope we can all get along… (Get Lost You Stinking Robot by melora)

Just over a month ago, a hostess named ChihiraAico was working in a department store in Tokyo. She made a very capable worker, dressed in a traditional kimono and politely providing information and directions to customers, able to communicate in Japanese, Korean, English and even Japanese sign language. But the most remarkable thing about her was that unlike all the other assistants in the store, she wasn’t human. She was a robot. Continue reading

If I Had a Robotic Best Friend


Walk With Me My Friend, by abrider3.


Robot with ‘spark’ for friendship, adventures and story telling.

MUST BE: in possession of personality programming, free will subroutines, made from robust materials and non murderous.




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Despite her best efforts, our brave heroine has ultimately succumbed to the sleep deprivation brought on by working night shifts. Alas, even two alarm clocks were not enough to wake her from her slumber this evening and she was unable to write a fitting blog post for her lovely followers! Continue reading