Elemental Might

Oh my god the Daily Post challenge Missing Sequels today has given me the perfect opportunity to ramble on about my favourite show ever! What follows is complete word vomit apologies in advance.


Word is they are planning another series/remake, but no details have been released yet.

So imagine a detective agency right. But instead of crimes they investigate people and places effected by ‘time’ doing things it shouldn’t. And instead of humans the main characters are the personification of different elements (with powers kind of based on whatever element they are). HOW COOL DOES THAT SOUND? PRETTY DAMN COOL. Well good news everyone, it totally exists! Continue reading

Empty in the Middle


Notebooks, photographed by Gniii.

There are twenty-seven notebooks on a bookshelf above my bed. They’re all about the same size (A5) and the oldest was given to me as a Christmas present in 1996; it’s spiral bound with a clear plastic cover and it’s the only one that has something written on every page.

I haven’t filled another since and I’m not entirely sure why. Continue reading

Breathing Life into Spaceships

Personification is a very human habit. As social creatures our brains are trained to think emphatically. We like to believe we know roughly how other people are feeling because it helps us understand them better. This way of thinking goes beyond other people for many of us; we extend this empathy to inanimate objects as well. Children hold their toys the same careful way adults hold their mobile phones. These objects belong to us, we have put a little piece of ourselves into them, given them a name, told them our secrets and in return for keeping those things safe – we take care of them. We make sure they are covered up when we sleep next to them at night, we protect them with colourful cases that further reflect our personalities. Continue reading

On the Subject of: My Favourite Character


After suffering the loss of her only friend, Blubber the goldfish, Amelie is give an old camera to pacify her.

“It’s called a reality check. The last thing Amelie wants.”

Written by Jeunet and Guillaume Laurant, whimsical french film Amelie tells the story of an introverted young woman who; following an odd little discovery in the bathroom of her flat, decides to try and make the lives of those around her a little bit more magical. Continue reading

Musical Cues

Musical Imagination“What’s your favourite music?”

I feel like, as a creative kinda gal, I shouldn’t despise this question quite as much as I do. But whenever I see it or hear it I want to throw stuff. It’s like asking which my favourite pair of socks are. I don’t bloody know! I like them all in one way or another, they all keep my feet warm. I like a few pairs more than others because they have little cartoon robots on them, and some my grandmother knitted for me when I was little are special even though they look hideous now and don’t fit. Continue reading

Nostalgia and Video Games (or: Why a 12yr old RPG by THQ is still my Favourite)


I’ll never forget the first time I encountered a Golem in the sewers beneath the city of Lenele. They were huge and the character I was playing was an underpowered farm boy whose village had just been destroyed. It was also my first time playing a fantasy RPG and I had no idea what magic missile was, let alone how to cast it. What followed was a mess of pointing and clicking and hoping for the best; luckily the farm boy knew how to use a sword.

Continue reading