On the Subject of: Introducing The Characters In My Head

A Detective's Office, image found through visualize.us, here.

A Detective’s Office, image found through visualize.us, here.

I’ve written before about Ben my inner critic and what a wanker he is. I’ve mentioned writer’s block as a beast like creature and my inner editor as an old school teacher. Well, these characters I’ve created over the years have helped me make light of some very real fears when it comes to my work. Continue reading

One First Step, One First Line

Idea treeIn Journalism, particularly in feature writing, it’s drilled into you how important the first line of your piece is. It’s meant to be factual, informative, compelling and interesting all at once. The headline should have done most of the work for you, leading the eye of the reader down to the first sentence of the text, but it’s the job of the first line to keep them there. Why should a reader, a person who has a lot of other stuff to do, give up some of their precious time for your writing?

It’s the same with creative prose. Short stories, poems, novels and scripts all need that first hook to capture the attention of their audience. There are lots of ways to do this, all tried and tested by authors far greater than me. The trick as a writer is to figure out which one suits your style and which one will give your creation the best first impression. Continue reading

My Inner Critic’s name is Ben. We don’t get on.

I am in the zone. Words are flowing from my fingertips and into the world like sand spilling through an hourglass. My main character is rounding a corner in a bustling hyper market. Vendors call to him in a language he barely understands but he’s fixed and intent, his target mere seconds away. As he reaches inside his jacket pocket for a pistol he’s not even sure will work he spies her but, wait… she isn’t alone.

There’s tension and bright lights and I am nailing this scene. I can feel myself bouncing a little in my seat because this next part, this next part will be fantastic and-

Continue reading