Imagination by Mauricio Abril

Imagination by Mauricio Abril

After my mother read Henny Penny to me when I was little I spent the next few weeks sleeping with an umbrella over my head*. I’m not entirely sure how I thought that flimsy pink thing was going to protect me from the sky falling down; but I guess it was better than nothing. I was also so convinced that my teddys would come to life during the night, that I made sure there was always enough room for all of them on my bed. I think I used to worry that if I left one or two of them on the floor that they would feel left out. I hosted tea parties for imaginary aliens; I guess because I figured they’d have more interesting things to talk about than my dolls, who I knew didn’t get out much. Continue reading

Personal Space

Imagination by chiffonshorts

Portrait by Chiffonshorts, viewable here.

I made this blog after two friends at work got me into Twitter. My name isn’t random, I confess to being a terrible hermit. The real world, quite frankly, terrifies me – all aspects of social interaction included. But somehow Twitter seemed accessible in a way Facebook never was to me. I could share my interests, humour and oddities with the world without embarrassment. And through Twitter, I found WordPress. Continue reading