Reality Doesn’t Bite


‘Window in Another Reality’. Photography by Bunnis.

The question posed by today’s Daily Prompt is simple enough,

What bores you?

Well to be perfectly honest, real life does. I’ve touched on this before (very briefly) in my post on escapism. Continue reading

On the Subject of: Archetypes

Colourful PersonalitiesYou know those silly little quizzes that make you answer random questions, and at the end you get a shiny new label to add to your own personal personality box? Yeah. I love those.

I can’t help it, it’s a guilty pleasure and I suppose it stems from preferring to think of everything in story terms. I do it in my head a lot, think about the people in my life and what kind of character they would play. Continue reading

Why I’m Not Scared of Writer’s Block

killing-writers-blockWriter’s Block is probably the most annoying, disruptive and varying condition in our industry. It can affect anyone who has ever taken pen to paper and it doesn’t discriminate. It’s a term used so often it’s almost a placeholder. It’s an excuse to an editor, an easy dismissal when someone asks you “how that book of yours is going”. We even use it to convince ourselves it’s okay we didn’t try to push through that last scene. I know it won’t be any good today. I’ve got writer’s block.

Continue reading

Resources for the Soul


Here, have a quick list of my favourite websites lovingly arranged into categories with a short blurb on why you should click on them. Continue reading

Making Connections and How Much to Give Away

The idea of showing and not just telling is a staple in the personal rule book of most writers. Or at least, it should be. Nothing frustrates me more as a reader than an author feeling the need to tell me every single thing about their world or characters and not letting me work it out for myself. One Nation recently at war with another in this fantasy world? Don’t give me a detailed play-by-play of the past conflict, if it’s not relevant to what’s happening now. Let me feel the tension between the leaders of each place when they speak. Let me see one guard be wary of another after catching sight of the insignia on his uniform. Continue reading