Future Fantastical Adventures of a Nomadic Hermit

This is a chapter in my life that hasn’t been written just yet, but gosh am I looking forward to it. Followers of my blog will have probably caught on to the fact I’m not very happy with my current career path and that I intend to change it. I’ve discovered it takes a lot of guts to leave a place you’ve been for so long, to break away from something you know and feel comfortable in even if you don’t necessarily enjoy it anymore. Motivation helps. In January 2014 I fully intend to hand in my notice and spend the money I’ve been saving on traveling Europe, in the hopes that when I run out of cash I’ll have figured out what it is I want to do afterwards. Risky? Yeah, a little I suppose but knowing there’s an end in sight is the only thing that keeps me going to work at all nowadays. Continue reading