Future Fantastical Adventures of a Nomadic Hermit

This is a chapter in my life that hasn’t been written just yet, but gosh am I looking forward to it. Followers of my blog will have probably caught on to the fact I’m not very happy with my current career path and that I intend to change it. I’ve discovered it takes a lot of guts to leave a place you’ve been for so long, to break away from something you know and feel comfortable in even if you don’t necessarily enjoy it anymore. Motivation helps. In January 2014 I fully intend to hand in my notice and spend the money I’ve been saving on traveling Europe, in the hopes that when I run out of cash I’ll have figured out what it is I want to do afterwards. Risky? Yeah, a little I suppose but knowing there’s an end in sight is the only thing that keeps me going to work at all nowadays. Continue reading

Earth Orbit Dining


Render by freelanch, On Orbit via deviantART.

Jamie couldn’t sleep. She stretched, her hands and feet touching the curved walls above and below her. The bunk still smelled like Anders. She couldn’t help turning her face to the side and breathing into the pillow, but it wasn’t her fault the tosser smelled so good. The tablet laying across her chest flickered then went dark, her entry half written. Continue reading

Going Up?


Photograph from a telephone building taken in the 1920s, found here.

I’ve never had much of a problem with elevators, personally. Never been stuck in one when it’s broken down, never had to cram inside one with a dozen other people and never had my ears pop or stomach drop when riding one down to the reception of a twenty floor hotel.

But I’m a writer, so I’ve used my imagination. Continue reading

Time, Rewind


Inspiration for the necklace in the story came from this piece, by PunkTrunk.

You can’t save the world forever. Time, however well you chose to wield it, moves for everyone and age soon caught up with me. For my trouble I was awarded a rather peaceful twilight in a comfortable space underneath two dancing stars. My final home shaped into an old mill, the sort I’d imaged in the moments between crossing and battle.

It was no easy thing, to move quickly to the door when someone knocked on it. A smile, soft word and an outstreched hand later saw me holding something I thought long-lost.

The chain was cool in my palm, cleaned of rust and relinked, whole again. At the end hung a small disk, but the gleaming lights that used to dance around the edges had dissipated with my final desperate act of liberation. Small bronze lids had been fixed in their place and gears which once spun now hung silent. Continue reading

A Temporary Loss of Sight (and Sense)


Unfocused tea is still good tea! (Image via Archana Srinivas Photography, here).

I woke up once and discovered I’d blinded myself. I’d like to say I was young and putting elastic across my eyes seemed like a good idea at the time; but unfortunately I’m twenty-seven and this was only about six months ago. Continue reading

An Old Pub


Photography by Zardo, found here.

Three people walk into a bar … and if they’re anything like me, immediately regret the decision. Bars do tend to have people in them, understandable, but often off-putting to introverts like myself. There’s only one bar (or pub in this case, because I’m English) that I’ve ever felt comfortable in and that’s because it’s owned by one of my aunts. Continue reading

The Littlest Thing


Image by Neil Slorance, via flickr.

Before I begin I will confess to this outright: I’m English. Now that’s out of the way, I can talk about the first thing that popped into my head when I read today’s daily prompt. Tea.

Tea is to me and my writing process what the sun is to plants and photosynthesis. I need it to create anything of value. I gave it up for a bet once at University, I lasted one week. No new worlds made it from my swirling mind and onto a page for seven miserable days. I became very grumpy, even more of a recluse, and decided I didn’t like my course mate Nick. Wanker. Continue reading

Personal Space

Imagination by chiffonshorts

Portrait by Chiffonshorts, viewable here.

I made this blog after two friends at work got me into Twitter. My name isn’t random, I confess to being a terrible hermit. The real world, quite frankly, terrifies me – all aspects of social interaction included. But somehow Twitter seemed accessible in a way Facebook never was to me. I could share my interests, humour and oddities with the world without embarrassment. And through Twitter, I found WordPress. Continue reading