Just Beyond

Grey World via Josiah Munsey on Flickr

Grey World via Josiah Munsey on Flickr

“Think the sky is grey because we want it that way?” she asks.
Hell of a way to speak to someone on the other side of the line.
“Suits the mood, whatever the reason.”
She ain’t wrong, us facing each other in the misty quiet.

Above us it’s all spinning off, breaking up – reforming.
“Are you afraid of what comes next?”
She’s difficult to ignore but impossible to cut down.
“I’m not.”

Now that, I do believe.
They’ve the light of a million righteous souls behind them.
But us?
All we’ve got’s the guilt.

I’m not much one for poetry really (as I’m sure you can tell!) but now and then I get inspired by the amazing poets on my reader and decide to give it a go.

I wanted to write a little more about the Great Divide, an event which happens prior to the ones in Underground. The realm was a single White Space, where the dead where sent to indiscrminately, until people realised they had an element of control over how this new reality was formed. Soon enough people began to split up – into groups who felt there should be a place for the ‘good’ and another for the ‘bad’. A battle raged, and Above and Below were created soon after…

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