Taking Aim

SILLY ROBOT GIRL SEEKS LIKEMINDED PEEPS for sporadic adventures into literary lunacy.

Respondents must be curious, bookish types seeking intermittent journeys into fantastical lands of fiction.

Preferred applicants should be courageous, open minded and possess a basic ability to suspend their disbelief (especially when the author insists the tin robots on her desk occasionally help out with the narrative).

Contact using the comments section below.



Walk With Me My Friend, by abrider3.

14 thoughts on “Taking Aim

  1. Sounds like I’ll like it here! If the first adventure is that serial novel of yours, I’m very much looking forward to beginning it as soon as I get my own post done for the day.
    Also, I really like that picture.


    • Thanks for dropping by! And I hope you enjoy Underground, please let me know what you think of it when you get the chance! Make sure to check out the rest of JukePop too, there are so many wonderful stories there – all for free! :D


  2. Love this. Reminds me of a book I wrote once. I don’t think it’s available for sale anymore, and if it is I’m certainly not making any money off of it so I don’t feel bad about mentioning it here. It was called “Poetry as Told By Robots.” I was young, stupid, and thought I could draw. This blog post is much, much better. :D

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