Reality Doesn’t Bite


‘Window in Another Reality’. Photography by Bunnis.

The question posed by today’s Daily Prompt is simple enough,

What bores you?

Well to be perfectly honest, real life does. I’ve touched on this before (very briefly) in my post on escapism.

Perhaps it is a side effect of my introversion but I feel more like a witness to the stories of the people around me, then the lead character in my own. Time passes but my existence is rather stationary, truth be told. I watch as friends and co-workers celebrate birthdays, get married, have children and receive promotions. I see patients enter hospital and either recover, or don’t. I see the frustrations of everyday decisions cross the faces of everyone I know, but I don’t feel the weight of them much.

I rarely watch reality television and I don’t read biographies, they all take place somewhere I’m not very interested in. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate the struggles and successes of others, it isn’t that I lack empathy. I just sometimes feel as though… I’ve seen it all before.

My future travels will, I hope, change the way I see the world again because this view has come about gradually ever since I started my current job.  I used to travel quite a lot, I lived abroad at a young age, I volunteered. But when you reach your mid twenties, it seems to be a requirement of life (or certainly an expectation) to embark on a career. Society implies that in order to achieve anything you should find a partner and a home to live in together. And while I do think those things have great value, they don’t come easily to everyone, and they haven’t to me. Some of us have to find meaning and worth down different paths.

Via ExplodingDog, here and here.

Via ExplodingDog, here and here.

I have another six months before I can do as my robot friend suggests and so in the meantime perhaps simply analysing my boredom isn’t enough. Time to once again let Google shed a little more light on this situation! Asking ‘how to relieve boredom’ presents me with a WikiHow, which is helpful. Unfortunately the article itself seems geared toward people who suffer boredom for about an hour. It prompts the reader to do things like have a tidy up and phone a friend (a bath does sound good though, shame I don’t have one). No mention of a problem based in one’s own reality at all. Bugger.

For some reason, is just a picture of a brick wall in winter, which doesn’t seem all that forthcoming either. (Unless perhaps discovering the location and then travelling there is a way to combat the boredom, and then once you stand in the spot pictured reality proceeds to change until you’re satisfied, but that may just be the writer in me talking.)

The search spirals downwards after that, offering up Yahoo answers and more lists created by people who, I imagine, wrote them while they were bored themselves. Nothing that catches my eye, but then I already know what to do to alleviate my symptoms. Explore, run, escape my current (failed) reality and find a place in a new one.

While I recognize the necessity for a basis of observed reality… true art lies in a reality that is felt.

A French symbolist painter named Odilon Redon is the source of that quote. I wonder how often he got bored…

5 thoughts on “Reality Doesn’t Bite

  1. I know this feeling well. I start projects (newest one is rope tying, I’m very excited) but they always loose me after a few months. I hope traveling will do you well! I am doing some of that as well in a few weeks :)


    • Rope tying, that sounds cool, post pictures so I can see! And god so do I, that robot picture nearly made me cry the other day. I will not stand for this silliness any longer, clearly I am destined to be some sort of grumpy hermit outcast. Awesome. :D

      And that’s cool, you sound like you need it too dear. Where are you going?


      • will tweet some pictures when I get the hang of it ^_^
        I am off to boheme around sweden/denmark and Bergen. Will meet a Kewangji and a Pao and other animals I’m sure. I am very much looking forward to it. I am also looking forward to hearing about and seeing pics from your shenanigans.


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