A Windmill on the Moon

Today’s Daily Prompt provided me with the perfect excuse to expand a little on the description I use in my about me sections. I’ve taken the liberty of doing a little question and answer session for those who might not quite understand my future plans. Fantasies away!

One day I will own a windmill…

Q: But why would you want to live in a windmill though? Aren’t those expensive?


Steampunk inspired windmill by ZackF.

A: Windmills are amazing and I’ve just won the lottery. Don’t you tell me how to spend my money! Also, we’re not just talking about any old windmill here you know. Mine will have a super cool observatory, mad science lab type set up and a happy robot production line. And a tea room instead of a kitchen because I can’t cook anyway.

on the moon,

Q: Wait, wait, the moon?!


Via Google Images.

A: Yes the moon! Have you seen the view?! Also, I’m assuming that when we eventually do become the spacefaring idiot master race we’re all striving for most people are gonna want to live on Mars or something. No one is gonna bother me on the damn moon.

with an anti-gravity style library

Q: Anti-gravity? So, you want to float around in a sea of books? But what about all the sharp edges, think of the paper cuts!


The Poltergesit, photography by FacelessFantasy.

A: Yes, yes and don’t be so bloody soft. I don’t know what you’re worrying about anyway, on Battlestar Galactica all the books had rounded edges. Clearly this issue will have already been resolved by the time I get up there.

and a robotic best friend.

Q: But… why?


This is Wendell, he’s an open source robot! Via TechHive.

A: See this post. Also, I mean just look at it! Aww. :D

16 thoughts on “A Windmill on the Moon

    • I don’t know really! It’s just a combination of silly things I’ve found myself wanting as I’ve grown older. Windmills are often set apart from other houses, solitary and peaceful. I can’t imagine living somewhere without books, and I’ve always wanted to float. Robots seem like they’d make very good friends, safer than people.

      …I may be slightly odd. :) Thank you for the comment, glad you enjoyed the post!


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