Just Your Average Blog Post


Happiness, ink art by JenniElfi.

Please excuse me while I take a rather self-indulgent moment to celebrate my blog turning six months old! In that time I’ve gained 300 followers (more than I ever imagined would be interested in the incessant ramblings of a robot enthusiast), been Freshly Pressed, landed a post at a new gaming website and found myself connected to some truly gifted writers and all round awesome folks.

I started this blog not really knowing what to do, nor if anything would ever come out of it. All I knew was that, having found myself in a rut and working a job I wasn’t passionate about, I wanted to write again. Thanks to the follows, views, likes and comments from fellow bloggers in this community I have finally found the confidence I needed to let the words flow. I’m still not quite sure they flow the way I want them to and I know I still have a lot of work to do before I consider publishing anything (indie or otherwise), but I’m so much more motivated than I was when I made my first post.

All that is down to you, yes you! Whether we’ve spoken or not, the fact that you’ve taken the time to read this is something I’m very grateful for.

So to everyone who has followed me either here or on Twitter, thank you so much. For those who have followed my blog since the early stages (wow you’ve had to put up with some random thoughts and occasional whimsy) thanks for sticking around. To those who have recently joined me thanks to my views on escapism, hello! I sincerely hope you find something else worth a click.

This blog as evolved somewhat, becoming a place for me to voice those rather odd outlooks I sometimes have about life, the universe and everything. I think I intended to do reviews, but that hasn’t happened often. I try to write a half decent short story every week or so though and I fully intent to continue. Also I’m happy to say that my science fiction serial Sentience is coming along rather nicely too, so look out for that at the end of the summer! (Incidentally, if anyone has any experience with Jukepop Serials I’d love to hear your opinions on it).

I’d like to finish off with a little list of those who fall into that ‘awesome folks’ category I mentioned earlier. These are some people you should absolutely follow because they will make you smile and smiling is very important for humans, so the robots tell me. :D

Kira Lyn Blue – Urban Fantasy author, contemplator, ninja squirrel wrangler (keep meaning to ask how she manages that last one).

Ac Klingenberg – Writer, poet, coffee addict (and knows the secret to escaping TV Tropes in 15 minutes, so you know, she’s kind of a big deal).

Elenia Turner – Student, writer, language enthusiast (and from what I’ve come to understand – entirely made of adorable).

Brad – Programmer, grammar Nazi Spartan (extremely useful trait that I enjoy taking advantage of) and I’ll call him a writer as well when he sends me something. /end hint

Sarah M. Cradit – Author, traveller and NaNo expert (seriously if you NaNo hit her up, she’s full of positivity and fantastic tips!)

There are so many more people I should add to this list, but to be honest if you don’t mind reading my blog you’ll love pretty much everyone I follow, here or over in Twitterland. Go check them out. Oh, and did I mention I love you? Because I do. Just not as much as I’d love a robot. Sigh.

6 thoughts on “Just Your Average Blog Post

  1. Thanks for the shout out! (though I prefer “grammar Spartan”). I haven’t forgotten yet that you agreed to beta read my stuff, and believe you me, when I finish a second draft of something, I’ll pester you constantly until you look over it.

    Nobody’s seeing any of my first drafts though because they’re so bad that they’re actually nauseating.


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