A Temporary Loss of Sight (and Sense)


Unfocused tea is still good tea! (Image via Archana Srinivas Photography, here).

I woke up once and discovered I’d blinded myself. I’d like to say I was young and putting elastic across my eyes seemed like a good idea at the time; but unfortunately I’m twenty-seven and this was only about six months ago.

I’d had a headache, and decided that since I couldn’t even look at the world without feeling dizzy I may as well go to sleep. But I found that even the light behind my closed eyes was too much, so I reached out blindly for what I thought was an eye mask and slipped it over my head. It felt a bit tight, but it made everything dark and I was out for the count a few blissful minutes later. Four hours passed and I woke up to discover what I’d actually done was put a large elastic hair band over my eyes, and the resulting pressure had caused a temporary blindness.

I could see light and vague shapes but that was about it.

Panic followed almost immediately despite taking a few deep breaths and having a word with myself. Being blinded was the most debilitating thing I’d ever experienced. When something goes wrong I tend to reach for my keyboard – the Internet is my lifeline, and can usually answer most of my questions. But although I could see the outline of the monitor, trying to focus on anything on it was a waste of time.

With the computer a lost cause, my phone is usually my next stop. But as I managed to grab it from the charger I realised I couldn’t see anything on that screen either, let alone my parent’s number. Well shit.

I ended up making a mess of my kitchen (though I did discover that my capacity for making tea remains unaffected even in times of greatest strife – excellent) and having a cuppa. Then I sat and cried for a little bit. I mean, there’s nothing much else you can do when you’re supposed to be a grown up and yet still have managed to blind yourself and you can’t call your dad.

It took maybe an hour or so for my vision to return enough that I could look up what I’d done via google. Then I rang home, and listened to the resulting laughter for a few minutes before hanging up again.

A silly tale for todays DPchallenge, but hopefully entertaining. Moral of the story? Don’t be stupid when it comes to your eyes, you need them!

8 thoughts on “A Temporary Loss of Sight (and Sense)

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  2. The moral of the story is that those kinds of headaches are goddamn awful and things you do, say, or think during them are not such that you can be held culpable for /saidthemigrainesufferer


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