The Stronghold, by ethicallychallenged.

Clusters are collections,
A thousand worlds beneath the Stars.
These Worlds share connections,
Waypoints mark each one.
And at these points a Stronghold stands,
With a Torch that never needs tending,
And never goes out.

Strongholds are supposed to look like castles from the old world, safe havens for the Travellers that find themselves in a new place. Not where they once were and in need of explanation, the markings in the stone tell the story of how we’re all connected.

But as the ages came and went, on each of the worlds within all of the clusters, the lights began to flicker, and to fade.

They say that there are lost Travellers from here to the edge of the cluster, seeking home and finding themselves trapped on a world not their own. They say that there is no way to relight a burnt out torch, unless you have the proper fuel. And they say that one day when all the lights go out, the stars themselves will follow.


Copyright © 2013 robotichermitblog.com All Rights Reserved.

Based on the prompt ‘waypoints and strongholds’ given to me by a friend. Check out the new form on my About Me page to submit one if you’re feeling bored sometime.

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