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I’m not sure it would be truthful to say I ‘suffer’ from insomnia, but sleep doesn’t come easily to me, and rarely happens when it should. A few people in my life know about how odd my sleeping habits are, but I’ve never really spoken much about why.

I have cycles of Transient Insomnia, meaning my lack of sleep only usually lasts days at a time. This tends to depend on my shift patterns at work. If I work an early shift I tend not to sleep simply because I don’t naturally feel tired until it’s time to leave the house anyway.

I don’t like sleeping at night, but the reason why is nothing very dramatic; it’s quiet. I’ve spent the majority of my life sharing a home with at least six other people. I’m from a large family, and was fortunate enough to make a lot of friends at University. I spent three years living with five of them. Growing used to so much noise in my life isn’t something I regret, but simply made silence more valuable.

At night I can relax. The evenings are for comfortable clothes, in a quiet space where I can shut out the world. With no distractions and no one else to worry about, my mind can spin freely, my imagination given the space to experiment with ideas and characters I’ve stored up for safe keeping throughout the day.

I feel more comfortable knowing everyone else is asleep. The peace provides a solid backdrop for the stories in my head to play out as I write them down.

Feeling more productive in the dark isn’t my oddest feature, but it’s up there. I’m sure writers and bloggers from all walks of life have equally odd writing habits, however. And I’ve no doubt that anyone stopping by to read this post with have a routine they feel helps their writing process. Why not tell me about them.

As for my wakefulness, well going to work looking like a zombie may be tough on my coworkers, bit I’m not all that worried. In the words of Fran Lebowitz,

Life is something that happens when you can’t get to sleep.

6 thoughts on “Wakefulness

  1. Sleep… what is that? people get that? **smiles** actually I prefer writing at night. I don’t know why I am a bit of a night owl, but I sleep best in the mornings, but for me it isn’t noise, its more about the dark and how I am more awake when it is dark, **grins** yeah I am a bit of an odd duck.
    9 pm rolls around though, and that is the best time of day for me to be writing… and I try too as well! I can hammer out words faster than I really normally can type, it is a great feeling, letting go to the story in my mind and just letting it all pour out of me…


    • Yeah, for me it starts about six I guess? In the evening when everything seems to start to settle, it’s awesome. I wonder how many of us are night owls. Though I’ve met a lot of people who say they prefer writing in the morning (yuck)!


  2. I also write during the evening/night, but that’s not so much a preference as “oh bollocks I need to write 1000 words and it’s 9pm and I haven’t even started yet”.


  3. I did try to be a morning person, once, and it was fun because I got to be all smug, thinking “hah I’m up at 6am while the rest of you are sleeping and this somehow makes me better than you all”. I couldn’t keep at it for long, though, and it turned out I’m as easily distracted in the morning as I am in the evening.


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