The Littlest Thing


Image by Neil Slorance, via flickr.

Before I begin I will confess to this outright: I’m English. Now that’s out of the way, I can talk about the first thing that popped into my head when I read today’s daily prompt. Tea.

Tea is to me and my writing process what the sun is to plants and photosynthesis. I need it to create anything of value. I gave it up for a bet once at University, I lasted one week. No new worlds made it from my swirling mind and onto a page for seven miserable days. I became very grumpy, even more of a recluse, and decided I didn’t like my course mate Nick. Wanker.

Due to a rather unfortunate experience with milk while living in South Africa, I can no longer bear to drink tea the traditional way (for the British, that is). So while I often make tea for whomever else is around:

  • Boil kettle,
  • Grab Tetley,
  • Combine in the ugliest mug you can find (add sugar if desired),
  • Stir,
  • Pinch the teabag between a finger and thumb to drain,
  • Add the milk,
  • Slam it down in front of the recipient and thank yourself (this may just happen in my house),

I take mine black without sugar with the bag having a swim while it cools. While this is happening, I sometimes find myself watching the steam rise from the top of the mug beside the monitor. This would happen while my eyes glaze over and I wonder how that character managed to get where they did because weren’t they supposed to die in the last chapter and how come they’re getting married all of a sudden and where did all the lasers go?

Anyway, while I know no one will be much surprised by my love of this particular beverage, especially after my confession above, it is a small thing given my upbringing. Tea is routine in the life of a Brit.

Get up? Tea. Make it to work? More tea. Break time? Tea. Lunch? May as well. Made it home? Better have a cuppa. Evening in front of the Telly? Go on, if you’re having one. Getting late? Camomile please.

And thus insignificant. In my world it’s a shock to hear someone say those three strange-sounding words: No thanks, “I prefer coffee’. Sacrilege. But, I suppose there’s some around here somewhere…

If I have a cup of tea sitting in front of my notebook or monitor, I know it’s time to write. And write I do.

15 thoughts on “The Littlest Thing

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  6. Hi, it’s me again.

    As a coffee drinker I’m absolutely disgusted with the level of heathenship on display in this post, but I’ll put my outrage to one side.

    Where in South Africa were you living? I’m curious because my parents (and a big chunk of my extended family) are South African, though I was born in the UK and have lived here all my life.

    In response to your comment on your previous post, yeah, the only blog I have is the blogspot one (though as you can see, I’ve just made a WordPress account so I can click “like” on people’s posts). I’m glad to hear your NaNo project is still going well. Does this mean we’ll eventually be able to see the finished product?


    • Get your horrid caffeinated substance out of my blog! I mean hello. :D

      I was in Polokwane (formerly Pietersburg if I remember correctly) for just under a year as a volunteer in a school there when I was eighteen. It’s a beautiful country, I loved backpacking along the garden route! I have some lovely memories of Storms River especially.

      And congrats on your wordpress account! Will you be looking to update this one now and again? Or is it purely for following purposes?

      Yes, it’ll get there, I might even have a go at finishing it in the next Camp in June but we’ll see. And yes! I really hope so, it’s the most confident I’ve been about anything I’ve written in ages.


      • Through intense mental focus I’ve managed to suppress my coffee zealotry for another reply.

        South Africa is a lovely country, I agree. I’ve driven past Storms River before (as in, my parents drove past while I was in the car) (I even asked my mum and she confirmed it). Volunteering there must have been super interesting. I’m tempted to ask you a ton of questions about it, but I shall resist.

        The new WordPress account is more for clicking “like” on stuff than anything else. Blogger lets me follow blogs from most sites via their RSS feeds (or some crazy internet magic like that), which is how I follow this blog here.

        Good to hear that you’re continuing with your story. I wish you the best of luck with it :D

        (WordPress really needs to have a ‘preview’ button for comments…)


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