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Portrait by Chiffonshorts, viewable here.

I made this blog after two friends at work got me into Twitter. My name isn’t random, I confess to being a terrible hermit. The real world, quite frankly, terrifies me – all aspects of social interaction included. But somehow Twitter seemed accessible in a way Facebook never was to me. I could share my interests, humour and oddities with the world without embarrassment. And through Twitter, I found WordPress.

After over five years of nothing but scribbles of half completed stories in notebooks littered around my flat, I finally started taking my writing seriously again. There is a massive community of indie authors on Twitter, and reading through their own blogs, the majority of which were hosted here, inspired me to have a go at making my own.

This blog is primarily about writing, because it’s what I feel most comfortable talking about and it’s something I want to work on improving. I follow a lot of personal blogs on a variety of issues, completely unrelated to writers and fiction, but I don’t think my blog will ever be a place where I express opinions on my daily life. My daily life is extremely dull; I’m far more at home in fictional worlds than I am in the real one.

Watching my stats steadily climb and my follower numbers increase is an incredible boost (as small as my blog is, relatively speaking) and I’m really grateful to anyone who’s ever visited my site. That said, if someone told me I could increase my traffic by describing my battles with insomnia, sometimes crippling social anxiety, or medical problems – I’d probably have to give it a miss.

There are so many people out there with incredible stories to share, ones that belong in the non fiction section. They face their fears and challenges with varying degrees of grace, but with a determination that I have never felt to improve. I don’t believe a personal blog would be of help to me, or interest to anyone else.

As to whether I have managed to balance my own creativity with a site designed to increase my viewership, well I may have to get back to you on that one. This blog is only four months old and I’m still working out things like post timing and scheduled content. So far I’ve never written a post that I haven’t felt like writing, so I consider that a win.

I created this blog to improve my writing skills, explore the indie community and share in my love of fiction with others. Maybe the function of this blog will change in the future, but I hope I will always have this small space to devote to the random places in my head which don’t seem to fit anywhere else.

6 thoughts on “Personal Space

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  2. You’re doing a good job with this blog, so keep it up =) I envy your ability to make regular updates while participating in something like Camp NaNo, though. I find it hard to update my blog even when I’m NOT writing anything else…


    • Thanks dear. I’d hate to jinx myself now, but it’s not been too difficult to come up with things to blog about that relate to my writing without becoming too personal. If anything, it’s the time isn’t it? My NaNo project did suffer in the final week, but I’m so happy with how it’s going that I don’t mind not making the count at all. I have so many words of the same story! Amazeballs. :D

      Your blog hasn’t been updated in forever it seems! (Unless I’m looking at the wrong one? In which case link me up please). You need poking with a stick. /poke


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