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Despite her best efforts, our brave heroine has ultimately succumbed to the sleep deprivation brought on by working night shifts. Alas, even two alarm clocks were not enough to wake her from her slumber this evening and she was unable to write a fitting blog post for her lovely followers!


Here’s the Amazon robot!

Indeed, but even the bravest of writers find themselves falling by the wayside during this most grueling of literary challenges. And blogging alongside this, well that’s just asking for trouble in this robot’s opinion…


Quite so, but fortunately for this one we have stepped in to assist! At this point, nineteen days into the month the total word count for her novel stands at a mere 20,694. Our heroine fears she may not even finish. This isn’t going to stop her though, unwise as it may seem. She will solider on, and write as much as she can on her days off!

robot2I suppose there is still a strong sense of purpose that fills her tired heart even now. And while the total at the finishing line may not be what it should, I believe she will come away with a great feeling of accomplishment. With such support and good advice from other Camp Nano participants, I’m sure she’ll endeavour to do as best she can to finish with them. Please feel free to leave a comment below telling us how you’re getting on, we’ll keep it for when our little hermit wakes up tomorrow!

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