Camp NaNo: or My Sleep Deprivation Diary (Night One)

Cofee Dream by Zim~dez

Art piece by Zim~dez, see more of their work on deviantArt here.

Good lord I write the most fantastically random rubbish when I haven’t slept for 36hrs. I’ve read No Plot? No Problem, and I thought I’d taken the lessons within to heart, but if last night taught me anything it’s that it’s going to be tough letting go of my inner editor. That woman is one stern, cane wielding mother.

I rewrote the first line of the novel about four times, and then another six because I wanted to cut it down enough for Twitter. Before I knew it I had lost about an hour of writing time. On a single line. And although I’ve written previously about just how important that first line is, on a timed challenge like this one that kind of focus simply isn’t workable. 

My reasoning for beginning my novel on the stroke of midnight was mainly because I wanted to be a part of the writing groups on Twitter sounding off (well, the ones in my timezone anyway). As I’m sure most people who read this blog have experienced themselves, writing can be a lonely business. So being a part of Camp NaNo is almost as much about making friends and sharing the experience as it is about the word count. Unfortunately for me, being the little healthcare grunt that I am, this meant finishing one shift and skipping sleep before the next one. I have a feeling this will have become a trend by the end of the month.

April1stThankfully for this post I’ve now had a nap (it was fabulous, there were dragons in capes) and am back in the land of the living. And even though I felt like utter rubbish this morning, opening Scrivener when I got back this afternoon and seeing this made the headache and coffee overload utterly worth it.

So now that the clock has ticked over and pretty much everyone is in the land of April, how’s your first day going? Was it a struggle to beat out that first scene or were you able to slip into the flow the second your fingers hit the keys? Second thoughts about the premise? Main character annoying you already? Let’s hear it!

5 thoughts on “Camp NaNo: or My Sleep Deprivation Diary (Night One)

  1. Still waiting to start…had a contractor over at my house this morning for (what I thought was) a 1 hour job and four hours later he is still here…and I need to complete solitude to write. I’m literally (well maybe not literally, that would be gross) frothing at the mouth to start. Congratulations on your first successful day!


    • Beat him with a broom! (Or patiently wait for him to finish, thank him and then jump about when he leaves, like a normal person). I know how you feel, I’m a terrible introvert at the best of times, but it goes double when I write. That’s why I prefer pulling all-nighters so when the rest of the world sleeps, I can get my world building on.

      That anticipation will probably mean the words will flow like gossamer however, and it’ll be awesome! Hopefully you wont have to wait much longer. And thank you again! :D


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