Camp NaNo

Camp NaNoWriMoThanks to Scrivener I’m making decent work of getting all my planning done. As someone who’s used to finding random character notes, outlines and a few lines of dialogue (with no context) all over my hard drives it’s an odd experience to open up an application and find all of my story ideas there. I like it!

Anyway, NaNo. I’ve tried NaNoWriMo before and never felt very confident. Whether it’s because of time, commitment or lack of confidence in my idea I’ve never come through it with a 50,000 word count before. I like the idea of cabins, though the one I’m in seems quiet at the moment.

So far my planning checklist reads as follows:

Narrative Outline: All done!

Chapter Descriptions: Done.

Character Sketches: 4/10

Setting Sketches: 0/19 (task for this evening I think)

Research: Done (though I’m sure I’ll add more)

If anyone else is doing NaNo (in either month) and wants a writing buddy, cheerleader or a sounding board leave a comment or follow etc and I’ll return the favour! I’m RoboticHermit on the Camp NaNo website as well. Good luck everyone!

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