Musical Cues

Musical Imagination“What’s your favourite music?”

I feel like, as a creative kinda gal, I shouldn’t despise this question quite as much as I do. But whenever I see it or hear it I want to throw stuff. It’s like asking which my favourite pair of socks are. I don’t bloody know! I like them all in one way or another, they all keep my feet warm. I like a few pairs more than others because they have little cartoon robots on them, and some my grandmother knitted for me when I was little are special even though they look hideous now and don’t fit.

Music is the same. I have a few tracks I keep around even though I don’t really enjoy listening to them as much because they signify something in my life. And a few are just so ridiculous that they make me smile so I’ll put them on before I have to do something I don’t want to (usually when someone makes me go outside).

I like music, but in a selfish way I suppose. I use it to get me through a difficult scene or as a trigger when I need something epic in a story to happen. It works to. I’ll listen to The Glitch Mob when I stay up late. I’ll listen to the Mass Effect soundtrack if I’m writing sci-fi.

Music is a tool to get my head in the game, and the words (or lack of them) are important to me. I’m someone who will hear the lyrics before I hear the beat. And it’s why I don’t listen to the radio unless I’m in someone else’s car.

I enjoy various songs regardless of genre, band or composer. Just don’t ask me to pick a favourite, you’ll probably end up with a car covered in post-it notes.

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